Artex Removal

Have you grown tired of your artex ceiling or wall but dread the prospect of trying to remove it? Do you want to convert a textured surface back to a flat surface, suitable for painting or wallpapering? If so… read on.

Artex walls and artex ceilings are commonly found in domestic properties, particularly those built or refurbished from the 1960’s.  If you wanted to remove a ceiling or wall covered with a textured decorative coating containing asbestos this would of course need to be done in a carefully controlled manner. Artex is a very low-risk asbestos material typically containing less than 5% of chrysotile (white) asbestos. Because of the low-risk nature this product poses the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the government body who regulate work with asbestos, have made some small exemptions for allowing works with certain, low-risk, asbestos products to be done by people who have received formal training.

DKP can offer this service, not only will we carry out the procedure in a safe and controlled environment, but we will also dispose of any waste appropriately and accordingly, adhering to the HSE conditions.

The condition of the wall or ceiling left after artex has been removed varies between the type of the property and the age of the property, but fear not, DKP have both the skills and experience to totally transform any surface, after we’ve finished, it will look like a brand new smooth surface, ready to put your own stamp on.

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